Race Solutions

race solutions

Success insight – we integrate your business and marketing strategy

In order to secure appropriate success, there is a need for the pursuance of new paths within the interconnected world of professional race driving – with all its emotionality, media impact, investment and business opportunities – as well as from the involved companies, teams and organizers.

This emotional sports and business sector – a special form of mobility –
is currently experiencing a noticeable change as well. On the one hand, the sponsors are developing new demands in regard to innovative service offers concerning business uses with a simultaneous high expectation of quality, uniqueness and compliance. On the other hand, the teams, organizers and alternative service providers offer only limited services that can lead to the measurable successes as far as lead-generation, improved customer retention quota or higher sales force motivation are concerned


first move!ag, an enterprise specialized in business solutions in the areas of mobility and race driving, links with its Corporate Race Concept (PDF Download) all necessary and important instruments from the race driving world with your company’s goals – for a holistic and sustainable marketing and sales strategy. We offer not just the classic and “plain” advertising spaces, but rather integrate your company and brand values in an overall comprehensive concept.

We support you in the development and optimization of your business aims. We develop extensive strategies and concepts, create new networks and build all necessary processes and structures. This includes, among other things,

  • Performance check of your business and marketing strategy
  • Development of a company-specific marketing and sales concept
  • Formulation of a result-orientated action and marketing plan
  • Continuous support of your race driving engagement and your company during the entire race season
  • Active support for out-of-the-ordinary marketing and sales activities
  • Active PR and media support
  • Performance workshops: “Company Telemetry” – a formula for your success
  • Success analysis and review of your marketing investments

Based on these cornerstones, we develop performance offers that are tailor-made, according to your individual wishes and requirements.
These include special events, such as driver trainings with race driving professionals, driver courses aiming at the acquisition of a race driving license and many other opportunities in the area of race driving.

We cooperate from the very beginning with the decision-makers and e.g. your marketing department. Only in this way can we jointly realize a truly effective, meaningful and sustainable value for your company!

Our team, made of entrepreneurs, consultants, media experts and professional race drivers is the key element in the development and delivery of holistic corporate race concepts for your company.

Each invididual at first move!ag is a professional fully engaged with an intense passion for your concerns. Mobility and race sport, a field where move!ag is at home and has extraordinary performance at hand.