Only those taking the paths less trodden leave visible traces!

The diverse potentials deriving from social trends, demographic changes, political currents, technological quantum leaps, web 3.0, etc should be actively exploited. In view of the future of companies, service providers and teams focusing on the mobility, it is essential that these potentials are quickly identified and realized.

first move!ag focuses on associated consequences and action necessities related to your existing business strategies, product portfolios, sales and marketing, and especially your customers. This is the platform and the foundation of our services for you.

first move!ag therefore optimizes your existing business models and develops novel turnkey business concepts for you.

In our role as a „general contractor“, we deliver within a short period of time complete business solutions to the market. A network of experienced and dedicated professionals ensures fast, pragmatic and future-orientated solutions combined with their associated structures.

We mainly focus on the selected sectors and specific areas of mobility where we have an excellent track record and longstanding experience.
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